A unique diagnostic device for gearboxes and diesel engines

Complete control of your machine’s most important systems with a touch

With precision similar to the manufacturer, manage all types of analog or digital hydraulic valves. Hydraulic transmissions and engines can be controlled from the screen of your tablet! The JPC Brain includes:

Main electronic control unit

The main electronic control unit.

Power supply cables

The power supply cables, the reverse buzzer, and the independent cable harness for any gearbox or engine you have selected.


A tablet uniquely connected to the electronic control unit.

Additional kit

An additional kit with pressure transducers and a harness for them.

Is JPC Brain the best suit for you?

Innovation and ease in management like no other

JPC Brain device redefines the implementation of diagnostic checks in automatic transmissions and diesel engines of construction machinery.


The connectivity accessories of the JPC Brain device enhance its connectivity with the most widely used automatic transmissions and diesel engines in the market.

High-quality cables

High-quality cables and connectors only from reputable manufacturers.

Manufactured with cutting-edge techniques

They are manufactured using cutting-edge techniques, with a focus on ergonomics and ease of use.

About the company

The JPC Brain device is available in the global market through JPC Transmission Service company.


JPC Transmission Service specializes in providing services for diagnosing faults and repairing automatic transmissions and engines for construction machinery.

Quality guarantee

The company's almost zero failure rate in repairs is the greatest quality guarantee for all our trusted partners.

The partners of the AHMEKT project consortium

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