About the company

The JPC Brain device is available on the global market through JPC Transmission Service company.

JPC Transmission Service specializes in providing services for diagnosing faults and repairing hydraulic transmissions and engines for construction machinery.

Having invested in the comprehensive training of its personnel under the guidance of the company’s founder, Mechanical Engineer Mr. Christos Mourafetis, it ensures high-quality service in complete accordance with the specifications of hydraulic transmission and engine manufacturers. The company specializes in repairing hydraulic transmissions such as CLARK, DANA, ALLISON, VOLVO, and ZF, as well as DANA, SPICER, and HURTH differentials, with access to extensive literature on component operation and manufacturer instructions for troubleshooting.

Additionally, in collaboration with major international manufacturers, JPC Transmission Service offers repair services for all types of welded torque converters, maintaining replacement stock for widely spread torque converters to minimize machine downtime.

Service provision adheres to the strictest quality standards while maintaining a detailed repair history record for each individual device that undergoes diagnostic testing or repair at the company’s workshop. The company’s almost zero failure rate serves as the greatest quality assurance for all our trusted partners.

Testing Laboratory

JPC Transmission Service possesses one of the few automatic transmission testing facilities in Greece, capable of testing a wide range of transmissions. This includes smaller transmissions like the Allison AT545 (235 hp) used in buses, all the way up to the powerful Allison H8610AR (1,100 hp) utilized in 100-ton capacity dumpers. During the testing process, strict diagnostic protocols are followed, utilizing the most advanced diagnostic equipment, including the JPC Brain device. All data resulting from diagnostic tests are recorded and stored for future use.

Research and Development (R&D)

The deep technical knowledge of JPC Transmission Service staff in the field of diagnosing faults and repairing hydraulic transmissions and engines for construction machinery, combined with highly specialized personnel, provides the foundation for conducting standardized research and development activities in the area of diagnostic equipment. Supported by expert external collaborators, innovative businesses, and academic institutions, JPC Transmission Service engages in Research and Development (R&D) activities to advance its diagnostic tools. This includes participation in national and European innovation projects.

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