Diagnostics, simplified

The JPC Brain device redefines the way diagnostic tests are performed on hydraulic transmissions and diesel engines of construction machinery.

Control various manufacturers’ automatic hydraulic transmissions and diesel engines used in construction machinery, buses, boats, electric generators, and other kinds of vehicles, using your tablet’s screen! Accurately control and inspect all types of analog or digital hydraulic valves using the manufacturers methods. Learn how to…

JPC Brain diagnostic device

JPC Brain device is an innovative diagnostic tool for automatic transmissions and diesel engines. It directly connects to them without using manufacturer cables and provides critical solutions in the following cases:

  • Inspecting the condition of the transmission while it is installed on the vehicle, as in many transmissions, the operator cannot shift through all gears for pressure tests, etc.
  • Testing transmissions in a workshop or other testing facility before they are installed on the machine. This ensures that everything is functioning correctly and allows for measurements and leak checks, among other things.
  • Diagnosing various sensors and electric valves of the transmission, which is currently impossible without the use of diagnostic tools from dealerships.
  • Improving problem resolution for transmissions and minimize labor hours and specialized personnel required.
  • Moving heavy machinery in case of emergencies, even when their mobility, based to manufactures controls, is impossible.
  • Personalized gear shifts and utilization of sensor data beyond the manufacturer’s specifications during testing.
  • Storage of testing data and exportation in electronic file format to be provided to the customer or further processed by technicians.
  • Recognition and determination of wear in the transmission (status check routines).
  • Control and diagnosis of the condition for the transmission’s several peripheral systems and sensors.
  • Ability to input two operation modes: a) Safe operation mode and b) Free operation mode.
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successful transmission and engine tests

Device capabilities and functions

  • Control of 15 proportional electro valves at a controlled frequency with dynamic measurement of the current intensity, channel by channel.
  • Measurement of 5 speed sensors, regardless of their construction technology, with the ability to simultaneously measure different types of sensors.
  • Measurement of 2 temperature sensors (thermistors), regardless of their construction technology.
  • Measurement of 10 digital sensors.
  • Measurement of 5 analog/digital sensors.
  • Use of 4 electronic potentiometers.
  • Measurement of 16 pressure transducers.

JPC Brain components

  • The main electronic control unit.
  • Power cables, a buzzer for reverse, and a dedicated cable harness for each gearbox.
  • A tablet uniquely connected to the electronic control unit.
  • An additional kit with pressure transducers and a harness for them.

Regarding the design and development of the device

JPC Brain was designed and implemented as part of the project ” ΑΗΜΕΚΤ – Development of a specialized portable device for the control and debugging of electronic control units for transmissions and diesel engines” under the National Action“RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE II”and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and national resources through the Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (OPCoEI) (Project Code: T2EDK-04223).

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